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WhatSim- WhatsApp Without The Internet


WhatsApp is a famous Instant Messaging app used by billions of people across the globe! WhatsApp has attained popularity because of it’s impressive and immersive features like Online media sharing, cross-platform messaging service, voice calling,Free Messaging service, etc.
Every smartphone user, let it be an iPhone, Windows Phone,Android, BlackBerry, or Nokia! All of them are attracted towards WhatsApp instant messenger as it provides innovative and amazing features.

We spend a lot of time on WhatsApp daily. But all we need is the minimized data consumption.

You Might Have Come Across Various Hacks And Tricks On Usage Of WhatsApp Without the Internet. But Eventually, They Lead To Malware/Viruses And Affect Your Device.

And here’s the answer to your question! and it’s-
whatsim_2Yeah ! You heard it right !
To use WhatsApp without the Internet connectivity, a new sim card has been launched. And named as “WhatSim“. It was the idea of 38year old Manuel Zanella Founder and CEO of “Zeromobile”,an Italian company

More About It :
It costs around 10EUR.
Provides you with unlimited text messages for a year.  sharing of documents,contacts,location and updates is free of cost!
But, you’ll need to buy credits for sharing multimedia messages such as photos and videos and voice notes.This credit required depends on your location.


The company is planning to launch this sim-card across different parts of the globe which include almost 150 countries


Thus you can use the whatsApp without the Internet connectivity and without the involvement of any trick or hack.

But this may not be very successful as mobile data packages of various networks are available at lower cost than this. It would be useful if this sim is available for users at a lower cost.

How to Fix Windows Store App Issues With a Quick Reset

Hey there! So, have you downloaded an app from the Windows store, and now troubled with some issues?
Very well, all you need to do is reset it.!

Windows Store, Alex Washburn

Just be mindful of the fact that this feature, is part of the Anniversary Update .
So if you don’t have an Insider preview, you’ll need to wait until the August release to use it.

To-Do :

  • Open Settings by typing Windows + I.
  • Then System > Apps and Features > Advanced Options
  • Click Reset on that Advanced options page
  • Click Reset on the warning box that pops up.

Once you are done with resetting the app, you’ll see a checkmark next to the Reset button.
This confirms that you’ve done it.
Before you do it, keep in mind that this will delete all local data on the app.
When you open the app again, you’ll need to login or set everything up the second time.

Free Online Courses Coursera posted on “”


Previously, Coursera is a platform which provided access to many free online courses. Base resource was in 2012 and was rapidly gaining popularity then.
The opportunity to listen to the online lectures on a huge number of disciplines and, in fact, get a degree, attracted many people from all over the world.


Nothing Personal, Just Business :

But as it usually happens, Business took over the charity. Administration at Coursera gradually, was “tightening the screws” . And transferred the site in to a paid form of interaction with users.

Access to the latest free lectures and courses was closed on 1st of July.
Yet, the administration has made a small step for it’s users and provided an opportunity for users who are willing to download training materials while they were in the public domain. Since the owner’s site no longer maintains access to knowledge that is placed on Coursera, it was clear that the free access to the complete and structured amount of information came toan end :

Yet, part of the data with Coursera found home at the site –
The administration gradually extended to load the old data from Coursera. Now it’s more like a file dump, without any design and structure.
However, it is hoped that the team did not throw out this project and the lectures are saved to the proper form.

How to copy and paste in command prompt in windows

1.Run command prompt as administrator.
2.go to command prompt and right click on it’s top and click on properties.
3.after opening properties in command prompt go to options tab.
4. now you can see “enable new control key shortcuts” under options.
5.after checking that option click on apply.
6.Now enjoy copy and paste in command prompt.