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TIAGO ELECTRIC – TATA Motors entry into commercial e-vehicles


The largest manufacturer in Indian Automotive Industry is planning to enter in to the future scope of Indian vehicles. TATA Motors is working seriously on Electric version of its highest selling hatchback TIAGO. Though the manufacturer has not made any official announcement, reports confirms the work is already underway at its Technical research centre in UK.



“India is looking forward to have all –electric cars by 2030 to lower the fuel import bill” said my Power minister Piyush Goyal while addressing the CII annual session 2017.The electric version of the TIAGO will be the first ever e- passenger car from TATA Motors to run on Indian roads.



The TATA Tiago sports a 1.2L  petrol engine that churns out 85 ps peak power and 114Nm of Torque. And 1.0L diesel engine with 70PS of peak power and 140Nm torque both in A/T and Manual transmissions . Both variants seamlessly gives high fuel efficiency than any of its class. Now the manufacturer moves towards electric technology. The electric drivetrain is already tested on BOLT and ready to hit streets in US. The development work of electric vehicles are merely in UK based Research centre with huge investment.

TATA motors has tested e- vehicle concepts on several models like Bolt , Nano ,Indica vista etc. But dropped the conceptual idea due to high cost of electric technology at that time. According to company officials there has been significant learnings from the Bolt electric(EV),The lithium-ion battery-powered Bolt has a claimed range of 120kms on a full charge which is on par with the lighter Mahindra e2o. While Tata Motors has shown no interest in launching the Bolt EV commercially possibly due to high costs.

Tata Motors has  also developed an all-electric bus and is bidding for a tender by the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation which is buying a fleet of 75 electric buses with a budget of Rs 150 crore.

“The next product which is going to be launched under the umbrella of the new sub brand TAMO is certainly also going to be another electric vehicle,” added Guenter Butschek Managing Director, Tata Motors.

Steam OS Update Comes With Linux 4.11


After a long time since the last update Valve has been pushed the latest update in the form of Steam OS 2.115. The developers of this gaming Linux distro have called it is the biggest ever Steam update.

The Steam OS 2.115 is based on recently released Debian 8.8. Steam OS gets all latest security patches released.

Steam OS 2.115 implements AMD Vulkan support.

You can find complete Steam OS 2.115 change log here.

Microsoft Now Uses An Open Source Program Git To Build Windows

Microsoft has announced that it has created an open source Git Virtual File System to manage it’s vast amount of code in a better way. Now, Microsoft has announced that almost all of its engineers are using Git to develop Windows.

Git Virtual file system is an open source distributed version control system developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. The Git repository today has about 3.5 million lines of code which are about 300GB in size.

It is worth noting that Git starts causing issues when it is used to manage a large size project. So Microsoft created GVFS. Now available under MIT license the GVFS code is now available for download and contribution in GitHub.

Microsoft made a decision that to switch to Git due to its widespread adoption and support for creating many branches. Apart from creating GVFS, the other steps are making algorithmic improvements to Git and building a Git proxy server to make sure that remote teams are able to work without any pain.

If we take a look at numbers the Windows repository has now 4,400 active branches. About 8,500 code pushes are made every day and 6,600 code reviews take place every day.

Surprisingly a number of 1,7600 different Windows builds are made every day.




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