How to disable Cortana from the lock screen Windows 10


With the anniversary update Microsoft has enabled its digital assistant Cortana on to the lock screen. If you don’t want this feature, then you can however easily disable it. In this article you’ll learn how to disable the Cortana from the lock screen of Windows 10.


Before you disable it, here is something about Cortana and it’s benefits


Microsoft digital assistant Cortana debuted in Windows 10 in the last year, and now the makers bring more of it by bringing it right on to the lock screen with the anniversary upgrade.By this, user will be able to order Cortana to play music, make a note, or set a reminder and many more without even login to your PC.

To disable Cortana from lock screen, follow the steps :

  • Open Cortana by clicking the button on the taskbar or pressing by Windows key + S.
  • click on settings.
  • On the settings window, scroll down and find the option ‘Use Cortana even when my device is locked’ and simply turn that OFF.

That’s it! You successfully disabled Cortana from your lock screen.