How to Fix Windows Store App Issues With a Quick Reset


Hey there! So, have you downloaded an app from the Windows store, and now troubled with some issues?
Very well, all you need to do is reset it.!

Windows Store, Alex Washburn

Just be mindful of the fact that this feature, is part of the Anniversary Update .
So if you don’t have an Insider preview, you’ll need to wait until the August release to use it.

To-Do :

  • Open Settings by typing Windows + I.
  • Then System > Apps and Features > Advanced Options
  • Click Reset on that Advanced options page
  • Click Reset on the warning box that pops up.

Once you are done with resetting the app, you’ll see a checkmark next to the Reset button.
This confirms that you’ve done it.
Before you do it, keep in mind that this will delete all local data on the app.
When you open the app again, you’ll need to login or set everything up the second time.