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Previously, Coursera is a platform which provided access to many free online courses. Base resource was in 2012 and was rapidly gaining popularity then.
The opportunity to listen to the online lectures on a huge number of disciplines and, in fact, get a degree, attracted many people from all over the world.


Nothing Personal, Just Business :

But as it usually happens, Business took over the charity. Administration at Coursera gradually, was “tightening the screws” . And transferred the site in to a paid form of interaction with users.

Access to the latest free lectures and courses was closed on 1st of July.
Yet, the administration has made a small step for it’s users and provided an opportunity for users who are willing to download training materials while they were in the public domain. Since the owner’s site no longer maintains access to knowledge that is placed on Coursera, it was clear that the free access to the complete and structured amount of information came toan end :

Yet, part of the data with Coursera found home at the site –
The administration gradually extended to load the old data from Coursera. Now it’s more like a file dump, without any¬†design and structure.
However, it is hoped that the team did not throw out this project and the lectures are saved to the proper form.