Google gives shortcut & alerts of Olympics update instantly


The Olympics 2016 has been started and all the world turned it’s head towards Rio. As we know, Olympics are the leading International Sport event, where thousands of athletes from around the world competing in various sports. If you want to be updated to all the games and sports breaking news, Google is there for you with it’s Olympic update shortcut.




Google brought a new way to get updates on your favorite Olympic sport with its new widget. Just search anything related to Olympics and you will see, Google is offering you to add a shortcut. And you will get a widget on your home screen which is linked to the sports hub. And when you tap/click on the widget, you will be able to get complete updates.

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Everything is happening in Google search, but Google has made the interface really awesome. There’s an overview tab which will show featured events, TV schedules,medal standings, and much more. You can also look or track a particular sport, athlete or a nation.

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