IntelCore i7 Skylake processor hits 7Ghz clock speed!


Intel Core i7 Skylake Processor Reaches Record-breaking through 7GHz Clock Speeds.

A professional overclocker from Hong Kong has managed the overclock the Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake microprocessor to nearly 7GHz clock speeds. This overclocked speed is among the highest ever achievd by the any product of Intel Core-i series.

If you are sceptical about the upcoming 6th generation Intel processors and upgrading to the same, here’s a news that will clear all your doubts. A professional from the Honk Kong has over clocked the Intel Core i7-6700K chip and made a new record for the microprocessor frequency. This speed is achieved by the Intel Core i7 Skylake processors is among the highest ever acheived by any of the  microprocessor of Intel Core i-series.

    According to Kitguru, Kui Lam, the professional overclocker from HKEPC website     from  the Hong Kong has overclocked an engineering sample of Intel Core i7-               6700K Skylake microprocessor to whopping 6998.88MHz. This clock’s speed is       about 74.9.7 percent more that its normal stock frequency.

   To achieve this, Kui Lam had to disable three cores out if four and the Hyper-        Threading technology, and the voltage of the processor was increased from 1.2v to 1.888v.


   Other components used to make the record included Asrock Z170 OC Formula    mainboard, a G. Skill Ripjaw 4 DDR RAM along with a 1300w power supply      unit. Added to this, the processor was cooled using liquid Nitrogen (LN2).
    While this professional overclocker achieved speeds up to 7GHz using Intel   Core i7 Skylake processors, it would be interesting to notice if the retail versions of these microprocessor chip will be able to kiss even 5GHz mark with the commercially available cooling systems. Another point is that needs to be looked upon is the use of single core instead of all four. This extreme overclocking is surely interesting one, But with changing times, the value of single-core CPU is diminishing.
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