Internet on go: Tesla equipping new vehicles with Wi-Fi hot spot chips



If your ideal internet connectivity is “always on,” maybe you should consider a Tesla for your next ride. The exact date when the switch was made has not been disclosed, but Tesla vehicles are built starting in the second quarter of 2016 should have Qualcomm Wi-Fi hot spot chips installed even if they’re not turned on yet, according to Electrek.

Tesla filed an application with the Federal Communication Commission to use radio frequencies with a Session Initiation Protocol (SiP) module earlier this year. SiP modules signal and control multimedia communication sessions over the internet, including but not limited to voice and video calls and SMS messaging. The SiP module includes Qualcomm Atheros QCA6234 chip optimized as a Wi-Fi hot spot and a USB/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi hub.

Tesla drivers will have even greater use for Wi-Fi hot spot when Teslas reach SAE level 4 autonomy — the level where drivers aren’t involved at all in the driving under select conditions. After that point, Passengers and Drivers will all expect internet connectivity in the car just as they now expect it at home and at work.

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