Introducing NexaBot…a Competition for Natasha on Hike!


Everyone knows that hike comes with a bot called Natasha which gives you all the information about coupons,news,quotes, movie ratings which can be used for online shopping and many more. So today i’m gonna tell you about WhatsApp Bot also known as NexaBot or WaBot.

What is WaBot or NexaBot ?
Nexa bot is a robot for whatsapp which will entertain you like Natasha in Hike. It can also give you information about news, weather, song download, thought of tha day and so on…
Features of Nexa Bot (WaBot)
• Latest News
• Wiki search
• Horoscope details
• Word Meanings/Definitions (English)
• Thought of the day…….
How it works?
To search anything or to get the information about anything you will have to follow some simple rules.
1. Hot news– It gives you latest news directly from Times of India(TOI) and also allows you to open and read it. For news type @toi “keyword” and send it to the NexaBot.

2. Wiki Search
– NexaBot gives you full info about anything without surfing on the internet. For Wiki search type @Wiki “keyword” and send it to the NexaBot.

3. Horoscope details-
 For horoscope details now you don’t need to waste your time to search it on the Internet just type @Horoscope “keyword” and send it to the NexaBot.

4. Definition of any word
– Now you can get the definition of any word direct fromWhatsapp, just type @Define “keyword” and send it to the NexaBot.

5. Thought of the day-
 Now no need to go to browser for searching thoghts and quotes, just type @Thought “keyword” and send it to the NexaBot.

How to add NexaBot or WaBot in your Whatsapp ?

• Add and save this no in your contacts  +91 94681 55082 as NexaBot or WaBot
• Now open whatsapp refresh your contact list and start talking with him
Hope you’ll surely like it as NexaBot is the best bot for Whatsapp. 
For more tech relates stuffs stay tuned with us.
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