Lock or Unlock your Laptop/PC by using USB!

If you own a computer then it might be the most important part of your life. It may have store all your important documents photos, documents and other stuff, but what about its security.
Is computer security has become a issue for you? Here guys I’ve brought a cool way from which you would be able to lock and unlock your computers using pen drives. This trick might be useful in many ways like keeping your confidential information like photos and important documents disclosed. Here are the steps following which you would be able to lock or unlock your computer using a pen drive.
Steps – 
1. First of all Download & Install Predator USB Software in your Windows PC – Click here to Download
2. When you start this software, first it will ask you to set a password(set your password)
3. Insert your pen drive in the CPU/Laptop Port
4. Then, set your password and click on “OK” button.

5. Now, You’re all set to lock your computer through your USB drive!6. Now, open the predator’s settings.

7. Then you have to set a time interval according to which your laptop/computer will be locked after removing the pen drive. For Example, if you have set the time interval to 30 seconds then your computer would be locked in 30 seconds.
8. Then you have to remove your thumbdrive/pendrive and after it will ask for password with a warning.
9. If you enter a wrong password then your laptop’s screen will go blank.
10. When you start your Laptop, Predator software would be automatically opened.
11. If some how it doesn’t start then go to Run and type shell:startup then you can copy it from your startup folder.
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