Microsoft HoloLens Is Now Available For All, Costs $3,000…?



well you heard that right. It Costs $3000.

Microsoft has Launched the Developer Edition of its Head-Mounted reality display. The Device is only available online and only on Microsoft Store. To buy the Microsoft HoloLens, the individual (mostly a developer) should have a Microsoft account and should have an address in US and/or Canada, and also a sum of 3,000 usd in his/her bank account.

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Hololens weighs around 579 grams and sports a custom-built Intel processing unit and 2 GB RAM along with some advanced sensors and connectivity options such as micro-USB 2.0,Wi-Fi, 3.5mm audio jack etc.

Earlier, these kinda holographic displays were available only by invite. Now, up to five HoloLens units can be bought using a single Microsoft account only if you don’t mind spending $15k for them.

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A Commercial Suite of the AR-based futuristic sunglasses were also launched by Microsoft. The company has stuffed it with enterprise-level security features and device management facility using Microsoft’s ‘InTune’ and also a warranty.