Microsoft Now Uses An Open Source Program Git To Build Windows


Microsoft has announced that it has created an open source Git Virtual File System to manage it’s vast amount of code in a better way. Now, Microsoft has announced that almost all of its engineers are using Git to develop Windows.

Git Virtual file system is an open source distributed version control system developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. The Git repository today has about 3.5 million lines of code which are about 300GB in size.

It is worth noting that Git starts causing issues when it is used to manage a large size project. So Microsoft created GVFS. Now available under MIT license the GVFS code is now available for download and contribution in GitHub.

Microsoft made a decision that to switch to Git due to its widespread adoption and support for creating many branches. Apart from creating GVFS, the other steps are making algorithmic improvements to Git and building a Git proxy server to make sure that remote teams are able to work without any pain.

If we take a look at numbers the Windows repository has now 4,400 active branches. About 8,500 code pushes are made every day and 6,600 code reviews take place every day.

Surprisingly a number of 1,7600 different Windows builds are made every day.

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