Now turn your device into a 3-D hologram projector.


Heya!! Now this is something cool project you can try out with your mobile and an old case of a CD. We saw this online and thought it would be a real fun DIY. For those who want to get slightly creative ,When you pair up this tiny invention with a “hologram-ready” video, this device will create an illusion that you’re looking at a real floating image. It’s pretty nice to watch!
What you need
  • Graph paper
  • An old CD case
  •  A pen
  • A ruler
  • Some tape
  • A sharp knife

 Although the imaged looks like 3D,these are still just 2Dimensional images that are being passed through the case of the CD that is creating the illusion of 3D. True holograms are actually made with split beams and create real 3D objects.

Flex your creativity with this cool project and please let us know if you have any other cool projects like this that you can share with the community!

Hope you Enjoyed this!
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