Piper’s kit computer uses Minecraft as a portal into the world of programming



Minecraft is an awesome creative tool. It provides huge sense of satisfaction when building cities, constructing in-game working computers, or discovering how custom artificial intelligence can work within a virtual realm.

It is a tool loved by educators, programmers, and gamers alike, which is undoubtedly why Piper chose Minecraft as the foundation of its do-it-yourself PC construction kit for kids.

The Piper Computer Kit is awesome as the Minecraft game itself. It focus on young students who have a passion for building gadgets, a high interest in creating their own PC, and are big Minecraft players.

And given that Minecraft is capable of creating working in game electronics, it is the perfect programming tool to keep these little system builders in a controlled environment as they learn about the real thing.

The Piper Computer Kit features it is very own 7-inch LCD display. It is already assembled, only requiring Nick to piece together the part of the overall PC enclosure that protects the small motherboard controlling the display.

This screen resolution is 800 x 480, which is perfect for playing Minecraft. It is also likely the bulk of the Piper Computer Kit’s overall price tag.

At the heart of the Piper PC is a Raspberry Pi 3, featuring quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB of system memory, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, one Ethernet port, four USB ports, one HDMI port, a microphone/headphone combo jack, and a MicroSD card slot that plays host to the operating system and programs.

The board also has 40 GPIO pins, a camera interface, a display interface. The entire board will be the size of a credit card.