These Earphones cost you 1000$ Check out what makes them so special.


Anyone who is very fond of music surely wants a high-end earphones. But these Earphones are seriously costlier than you think! One variant of Shure earphones priced at 1000USD which are the most customizable earphones! So lets see what makes them this pricey.

It is a highly customizable earphones with removable Nozzles to enhance your audio quality.There are around 4 types of audio enhancements such as flat,bass,rock and can easily tune up the audio by using these nozzles.

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The Shure SE846 are quad-driver earphones. They’re not very much different from other variants of Shure earphones, though.

There a bit fat and round, and are designed to be worn over the ear, with a stiffened cable up by the join with the earbuds.The earphone aperture is made of metal rather than the usual plastic.

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The Shure SE846’s removable filters tailor the sound to your taste. Shure explained that there are four different filters or nozzles, and they alter the mid-range responses, giving you a mid-heavy, balanced or slightly scooped music that emphases the bass and treble a l’il more.

Just in case if you want to buy one…It comes in Four colors Black,Blue,Gold and a clear shell and available at amazon.

Shure SE846-CL