WhatsApp rolls out two interesting new features!


Whatsapp’s New Features Rolled Out!

Whatsapp Stats
Whatsapp Stats

World’s super popular IM(Instant Messaging)  application, WhatsApp brought it’s users a great feature.In the new beta version of WhatsApp, you can forward your message to multiple friends at a time i.e, Saves time and easier to forward our messgaes.


In the latest beta version (2.16.230), WhatsApp allows users to forward messages in an easy and quicker way. Now users can select multiple contacts while forwarding a message, which means you don’t have to forward one message to one of your friend, and do same process to forward it to some others.

WhatsApp also brings another great addition, It now shows the most  Frequent chats on the  top with whom you chat most frequently and Recent chats, which shows all the contacts whom you’ve contacted just a while ago.


The Beta version also has got an update which shows options such as voicemail and Call Back when ever your friend doesn’t lift the call or if the call hasn’t been connected, making it a more complete voice calling solution.


If you have not received the latest update, it probably means that you have not yet joined the whatsapp beta program. However, if you wish to update your whatsapp to the latest, follow the below link to download the latest version of whatsapp to get more cool features, or simply join the beta version of the WhatsApp.

Download Latest Version here