YouTube Exposed!! What makes it hard to create content on YT!


YouTube, A famous platform for ‘videos’ created Steve ChenChad Hurley and Jawed Karim in 2005. Later on, it was acquired by Google Inc. to help people earn by uploading videos which can entertain the visitors. And by videos we mean…videos of tech reviews, tutorial videos, funny vines and yes! V-logs etc.

In the good olden days, YouTube policies and community guidelines were easy to understand and follow. Whereas nowadays, They’ve become very strict making it very difficult for content creators to openly create content which entertain people. we often see many video channels which get blacklisted due to content copyright claims by the original YouTuber.These channels get banned directly by YouTube for copying videos form some other youtuber or playing other’s music here or whatever that breaks the YouTube rules.

Our Friends from Old School Guys have done a good job in making a small video exposing youtube. Have a look at this!

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