Possibility of driving after losing an upper limb

Are you worried of driving after losing an upper limb or you know someone who is struggling to overcome their challenge?  This article is for you. Our upper limbs are one of the greatest gifts we depend on for almost every day-to-day activity we do, we start using it even before we are born.  We cannot even imagine of losing even one of them.

If at all a person happens to lose one of his upper limbs, he/she will be haunted by many questions in a row,” how am I going to cover up my day-to-day activities? “The biggest challenge is the thought of losing one’s freedom, in the modern world. Driving is a life skill; almost a part of life and the person gets much worried about losing this skill.

It’s true that the new amputees need time to heal physically and mentally to get to their activities. Still in a short time they get back to driving. This blog offers tips helpful for the arm amputees and prosthesis users, which can fill them with more confidence to start driving their powered vehicles once again.

The occupational or physical therapist also with their prosthetist could be of great help to provide them with enough guidance to get back to their dream of freedom of driving. With a bit of will power and proper guidance from the concerned authorities a person will be all set to get back to driving.

Many such individuals follow the method of relying on sound hand assisted by prosthetic arm.  In the case of bilateral amputees, wearing prosthesis on both sides is the recommended option.  There are companies who offer various adaptive tools developed with the modern technology innovations like wireless control knob that can greatly assist in one-handed driving.

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