Types of Orthosis and recent breakthrough innovations

Orthosis, A medical Creation to make the patients lead a life with less pain and more stability.”It’s an outwardly applied device to support the structural and functional features of skeletal and neuromuscular system”. They can be worn according to the patient’s desire weather day or night. These assistive aids are an advanced version of braces and splints.

Braces are used to support weakened muscles, also help slow the muscles from tightening and getting shorter overtime. Splints are used to keep an injured body part from moving and to protect it from any further damage.

Types of Orthoses are:

There are almost 13 varieties of Orthosis, few are mentioned below:

Cervical Orthosis: These are usually worn to support and stabilize thespine.

Cervical-thoracic: orthosis is used in minimal uneven fractures.

Spine Orthotic: is applied to the body for reducing, limiting, correcting, also improving the function of an exact spinal segment.

Arm or upper limb orthoses: are used to improve or regain the function of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The problems which develop from sports, work-related injuries and traumas.

Wrist or Hand orthoses: this covers the fingers and wrist till the forearm; providing some extent of help for grasping and gripping in spite of a small extent of hand paralysis.

Hips Orthoses: are used for infants with hip instability, to position the hip bones and let them develop in the proper way.

Knee Orthosis: these are worn by those who need extra support for knee joints to perform their daily activities.

Assistive Orthosis: Among all these Orthotics, a major Breakthrough by the Modern Medical Robotics is MyoPro Orthosis. MyoPro it’s a boon to all those persons who have their hand and arm but cannot use them due to some medical condition. This product can be completely managed by the user.

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