MyoPro: the innovative Orthotic assistive aid

Among all the innovative Orthotic assistive aids and devices, a major Breakthrough by Modern Medical Robotics is MyoPro Orthosis.  MyoPro it’s a boon to all those persons who have their hand and arm but cannot use them due to some medical condition.  This light weight product can be completely managed by the user. 

Medical conditions that can be helped with MyoPro Powered orthosis:

Anyone who goes through the tuff times after being stuck with medical conditions like, Cerebral palsy, Brachial plexus injury, CVA stroke, or neuromuscular or neurological disease or injury, Multiple Sclerosis, the MyoPro would be a great invention to help them get their upper limbs functional as they desire.  This product helps to retain the functions of arms and hands weakened or paralyzed due to the above-mentioned medical situations. 

How Does This Powered Orthosis Function?

This innovative Orthotic assistive aid, created by the MyoMo team, originally developed at MIT with Harvard Medical School, Human designs, the only MyoMo southern California Center of Excellence. 

 It works on (myoelectric signals) by sensing the faint signals that are generated by nerves at the surface of the skin.  (No implants needed), then activating the small motors helps to move the arm and hand as desired by the user.  The user is in control of their entire upper limb.  This brace intensifies the user’s weak muscle signals, helping to move the limb.  Helping Individuals perform activities that might be experimental or impossible.  This method is called ‘’Power steering “.

MyoPro, is the best and promising product available in the market to help the needy. 

The Products specifications are given below:

  • Custom fabricated orthosis, which ensures comfortable functional fit.
  • Electronics amplify which process EMG signals.
  • Interchangeable rechargeable batteries, enable all- day use.
  • Motor extends and flexes the elbow.
  • Non-invasive dry sensors read EMG signals.
  • Adjustable wrist improves function.
  • Motor activates hand grasp.

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