MyoPro arm orthosis for adolescents and kids

Myopro upper limb robotic arm orthosis is now available for adolescents as well.  The company Myomo is trying to help out the adolescent group suffering from almost all the same difficulties suffered by adults, if they suffered from cerebral palsy (CP) or brachial plexus injury (BPI). 

This robotic hand and arm orthosis (brace) can be used by a teen if he or she has not been able to function with their upper limb since birth or early childhood.  Maybe this product can help them restore their limb activities to some extent.  This product functions on the user’s electromyographic (EMG) signals during muscle contraction.  So far, all the studies had been focused on adults or elderly who had suffered from stroke. Adolescent population was yet to be considered who suffered with decreased functional status or lacked fine motor skills. MyoPro team claims it has enabled its users to help perform their day-to-day activities, like feeding themselves, carrying or opening objects, or doing household tasks, improving their quality of life.


if Myopro was for adults and adolescents, Myopal is for kids. Myopro has plans to come up with an Increased functional upper arm powered brace for children suffering with a paralyzed or weakened arm. 

The powered brace may help restore functions to a kid’s arms weakened or paralyzed by stroke, cerebral palsy, AFM, Brachial plexus injury or other neuromuscular diseases or injury. 

How does it function?

MyoPal functions using the child’s personal residual muscle signals.

Research results have clearly indicated that rehabilitation therapy and functional task training has facilitated neurological recovery in patients with chronic arm weakness.  MyoPal is a Unique tool providing immediate improvement in activating arm movement, also over time, increases mobility of the weak arm.  This product can be modified as the child grows, it can be used as simply as the child needs. 

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