Clinical reviews on MyoPro assistive solution

MyoPro a promising, easy to function, light weight and cost-effective product when compared to the expense that a family has to spend on other supportive systems for long and with no much long-term results. Let’s see how it’s observed by the clinical practitioners.

As evaluated by Physicians:

  • It Increases the options for patients along with surgery and therapy where both cannot help restore them with their upper limbs function.
  • Empowers patients to qualify and master functional tasks during OT sessions at clinic and take devices that are custom fabricated to home for Increased ADLs.
  • It reduces the complications with patients suffering from two or more medical conditions. By working with a group of active key muscles in the upper limb it improves balance and safety of the patients.

As valued by Occupational Therapists:

  • This programmed arm can be used both during therapy and at home.
  • It Increases the quality of life of the patients by re-establishing the ability to perform their daily chores at home or at work.
  • The brace helps to maintain balance as well as provides safety and support to the affected arm.
  • The simplified user interface which is directly on the device encourages the patient to use it.
  • The tablet-based configuration program enables the therapists to adjust the settings easily, providing optimized staff training with limited effect to the therapy clinic.
  • Can expect visible and instant results for the patients.


As Certified by Prosthetist or Orthotist:

  • Helps evaluate a clinical patient and collaborate with the occupational therapist finding a patient appropriate for the clinic. 
  • The manufacturer requires custom fabrication of the orthosis, the prosthetic requires a straight forward molding and casting process.
  • The positive user experience relies on the standard O&P fitting and adjustment practices and training provided by the providers.
  • This provides the CPO with a great value of treatment and option for the weakly active upper limb segment.


Clinically MyoPro can be introduced or adapted to an individual with a paralyzed arm providing a chance to regain function, increase safety and quality in life even at home and at work place.


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