Vital health tips for wheelchair users

Are you a wheelchair user? Have you came across any instance of being with such a person? Here’s an article about vital health tips for wheelchair users. These tips most recommended by therapists and wheelchair users for long would have tried, still just quoting them to help those happened to be on wheels recently.

Mental and Physical Health:

Physical and Mental fitness cannot be compromised.

Mental Health: For all as Humans having a healthy mind is a challenging task. Whether it’s those on wheelchairs or those who are not, mental fitness is a must.  

  • Healthy Diet 
  • Sleep
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Listening to Music, are few things that can be practiced. Talking to someone who is going through the same phase of life could also bring some relief.

Physical Health: This is the second and most important to care for all the time. When we have a healthy mind, it naturally guides us to maintain a healthy body. 

  • On Chair workouts:  Which can be done to maintain the body structure also to avoid cramps, numbness and other medical conditions.  You can try working out with your legs and ankles. It improves Blood Circulation and best warm ups too.
  • Cardiovascular exercise:  Lifting weights is one of the best means to keep our bones and muscles toned. It helps to prevent injuries and helps burn calories.  Care must be taken to avoid overdoing with or must avoid doing less of your best capabilities. 

You must try and avoid long time sitting in the same posture as it can build pressure in the soft tissues, muscles and nerve endings and get to more complications.  Its best to consult your physician on it and get proper medical advice as how to maintain a healthy active life even being on wheelchairs.  So, you are Your Own Best Friend to know how you can handle yourself to stay fit at all times.

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