Vitaglide exercise device for workout with wheelchair

A New Workout Product in the market for wheelchair users. Especially for those with injuries to C5 and below. The Product has claimed to provide the user with a Gliding or Skiing experience while being seated on the wheelchair.  

As cardio workouts are very essential for all sorts of patients, it’s even much more important for wheelchair bound patients to keep their vital organs in their best condition. So, the Vitaglide can be a great solution providing the patients with a great amount of workout to the cardiovascular system also helping to strengthen shoulders, arms, chest, back and the middle core.

Specifications of the product:

  • A Touch Screen to adjust the resistance, and the duration of the workout. 

Users can perform a cross-country skiing motion as well as a rowing motion while being seated on their wheelchair with this new Vintaglide.  The touchscreen that is fitted to the frame of the product and the glide factor helps the user in calculating the ups and downs by adjusting the resistance and duration of the workout.

  • An easily controlled footprint.

The footprint of 56 by 48 inches height, can be easily raised or lowered and controlled on any type of wheelchair using a gas spring. By setting goals, the users can monitor their performance through the Glide factor.

  • Energy Tracking Algorithm.

A developed Energy Tracker Algorithm helps the users monitor the amount of energy they spend, completing the repeats and their resistance level providing a Glide Factor score for each workout. 

  • Autonomously Functioning Arms.

These individually functioning arms, can provide better balance during workouts giving resistance in going forward or backward providing better workout for both arms. The resistance can be adjusted for those with strength inequity for both arms to avoid the difference.  For example, the resistance for the left hand can be set to 3, while the right side to 4 the flying motion can be changed, and if the user gets tired of one exercise, he can switch to another exercise anytime.

The founders of the New Vitaglide are extremely glad to have achieved a marvelous success by combining so many exercises in one machine which can be used autonomously or with nominal assistance.

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