4 innovative features of Ablechair

The Ablechair helps users to stand and walk and can do many more activities with its assistance, it’s a multipurpose product. 

The designing team behind it is spinoFLEX, known for designing gait training products and Advanced Fitness Components. The team work of top designers and engineers created this highly adaptable wheelchair design to help people using wheelchairs to be more self-contained.

The Highlights of this Invention are:

  • Fork Lift technology.

This “AbleChair” is fundamentally a motorized wheelchair that works like a forklift. It’s operated with a joystick and enables the user to control it, change positions or continue sitting. 

  • Lift Adjustment Mechanism supported by a smartphone app.

Lift Adjustment Mechanism which is the Most prominent Invention, in this motorized chair allows the user to control the system via a companion smartphone app. The AbleChair is powered by a Brushless motor and Arduino controllers and sensors which work together to facilitate the user stay in a seated position or stretch out into almost a standing position. 

  • The Tilt Functions.

This function helps the user he/she to change the angle of the seat at their convenience, the user can change the angle positions, from a partial rest to a complete horizontal rest position irrespective of time. They can even save their chosen seating positions. Helping them experience less dependability in terms of flexibility. Which in terms protects them from harmful health effects.

AbleChair enables people to help around or self-help in household activities like reaching a high-level cupboard, or to pick up something at a lower level.  Which should be a very fulfilling act to independence.  It enables people willing to interact with their near and dear ones at eye level. The product also rules out a batch of health-related issues like lack of blood circulation, bad posture, and ulcers. As AbleChair users can stretch their muscles by frequent movements being on the chair. 

  • AbleChair comes with a speed controller.

Combined with drive engagement levers and electromagnetic braking. It can function up to 24-23KM on a single charge with its identical 12 V batteries offering speed limit settings. 

So, all in all this first wheelchair with its gait therapy helps its users to regain an important part in their lives which is Independence.


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