Google Maps Less known and User-friendly feature for wheelchair Accessibility

This New user-friendly feature of Google, through Google Maps was released to help people with limited mobility to find places that are accessible with ease.  People love to move around the world on wheels regardless of what kind of wheels they have.  This new feature of Google Maps allows one to check easily if the place is accessible. 

This Newly introduced feature on Google Maps is called “Accessible Places”.  The Accessible Places Feature can be used on both iOS and Android devices. 

This feature can be checked by the wheelchair users even before they move out of their house to their planned journey.  This Accessible place feature can be easily turned on that will display accessibility details for wheelchairs in a more highlighted way.  Whenever the Accessible Places feature is turned on, a wheelchair icon helps to guide the user to the nearby entrance of a premise. Also, if the place lacks an accessible entrance that will be informed to the user using this new Google Maps service.  Besides this, the user can also check out if the planned travel spot facilitates accessibility to, toilets, parking, and seating.

Thanks to Google service this feature has been introduced in more than 15 million locations all over the world.  This feature was available in just a few countries like, UK, US, Japan, and Australia; similar features are expected to be available in the near future in other countries as well. 

This Information of wheelchair accessibility is actually shared by the retailers to Google. Which has helped in creating this feature in other parts of the world.  

Google thanks all those who had invested their time to keep adding new information from time to time to help the end-user with the accurate accessibility information.  Google’s goal to build a better helpful map for everyone and in particular for people with limited mobility to find and access places with ease has been achieved with this new Google Maps release.


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