The Firefly: New edition of Wheelchair Bikes

After 14 years a new edition of wheelchair bike was designed by Rio Mobility. Which is also first of its kind.  Last summer this edition of the wheelchair Bike was released. Since then, Firefly has been the best brand in the mobility market.  This new Firefly 2.5 BK edition wheelchair comes with lots of editions compared to their earlier editions.

Some of them to mention are: Better battery life, Enhanced brakes, beautiful framework, Smart wheels, Dual Kickstands, Dual-LED Light system, and a color touchscreen.

 The new added accessories are as explained below:

Better Battery Life:  The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition wheelchair comes with an improved Panasonic GA Batteries with a 252-watt-hour battery which is an improved battery management system that passes UN Transportation Testing and is certified to be carried in an Airplane.  

Enhanced Brakes:  This edition of Firefly 2.5 BK wheelchair is fitted with dual disk brakes with dual disk calipers for more braking power. Which helps to increase the lifetime of the pad and dual disks also with a bell attached, locking brake handles. 

Beautiful Framework: It comes with a Metallic gunmetal frame, or a chrome red frame, both of which emphasize the matte black finish.

Smart wheels: Firefly wheelchair comes with a smart wheel, collecting the feedback from its users as guidelines they improved on this edition of wheels. 

Dual Kickstands: Firefly 2.5 BK’s dual kickstands let the user park and store the Firefly in a vertical position allowing it to stand on its own.  The tiny wheels attached to the kickstands make it easy for the user to roll their wheelchair without much effort from their garage to their shaft.

Dual-LED lights:  These lights on the Firefly system provide the user to see and be seen all the time.

Color touchscreen:  This helps in providing an activated sense of touch and motion feedback.

To make the Firefly 2.5 BK wheelchair more functional and easier to use it’s been improved with better tires and Improved frame dockage. The team respected and took notes on the feedback from its users, how Firefly helped them enjoy more accessibility and how it made their mobility better. 


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