Vital tips on choosing the right Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can be any device, tool or service, which helps Elderly or disabled persons perform their activities which could be either impossible or difficult to perform.

In general, disabled persons need assistance to an extent to cover up their activities at ease. The elderly persons with age related weakness or if suffering from any old age ailments do require the need to take help from a caretaker or need an assistive device or may require to depend on both assistive technology and assistive persons. 

To be simply explained, an assistive device for the elderly could mean from a walker to an electric scooter which makes their life simpler and grants the active participation in daily activities. For example: A magnifying glass for improved vision, A walker for Improved mobility, A Hearing loop or device or amplification device for better hearing, A scooter, instead of walking to avoid walking long distance. AT benefits the needy to avoid long-term Home Health Care or Nursing and to live self-reliantly. 

How to choose an AT that suits one’s exact needs.

Choosing an AT is a bit Tricky Job to do. But it can be easily done taking proper guidance from a professional practitioner of the concerning fields.  

The Elderly must choose carefully on their exact needs before purchasing an AT. As they can affect the services provided and the services they require. So, a complete assessment and good planning are very much important. As financial investment, convenience and usage is included in the process. 

Deciding which AT will be best, can be decided by a team, working with Elderly depending on the place where the AT is used.  For instance, a hearing-impaired person or who has problem communicating can consult an audiology specialist, a speech-language therapist, family and friends. Combined, they can specify precisely the challenges of the affected person and help select the best effective devices at the best affordable price. Also, the professional member of the team can help them provide the proper usage and maintenance of the product of their choice.

While considering an AT, it is better to bear in mind the high-tech and low-tech options. High-tech devices could be more expensive depending on their more advanced convenience.  Whereas Low-tech products or aids are usually of low cost and less adaptable.  Senior citizens must consider their changing needs over time.


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