Walk again with ReWalk assistive robots

Assistive robots are becoming more affordable, functional and artistically pleasing systems improving self-esteem and life fulfilment of the differently abled. 

The role of Robotic Assistive Devices is to increase the independence and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities.  There is a growing importance of these devices for patients, their caretakers and professionals. Lots of funding is done by various organizations into the research work as well. ReWalk Robotics, an innovative medical device company comes up with 2 wearable robotic assistive devices. ReWalk’s wearable systems have developed and are commercializing devices that help people with lower-limb disabilities. 

Currently the company has 2 products: ReWalk Personal and ReStore Exo-Suit.

  • ReWalk’s Personal lets the user go on a balanced and independent walk representing the natural pace pattern of the legs. Its robotic exoskeleton style provides powered hip and knee motion which enables people with spinal cord injuries to stand erect, sit, turn, walk, climb, and descend stairs. This Device controls the movement by using delicate changes in the user’s center of gravity. The system senses the forward tilt of the upper body that promotes the first step. A sequence of steps that’s generated by repeated body shifting resembles a functional natural walk of the legs. ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton system for spinal cord injury enables the user to operate the system independently.


  • ReWalk’s ReStore Exo-Suit is a device that, perhaps first of its kind that provides solution through trained walking for post-stroke patients providing both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion assistance, which facilitates in walk training. ReStore Exo-suit is a lightweight and soft exo-suit designed for individuals who need rehabilitation after a stroke and facing lower limb disabilities. 

The company conducts training programs to both individuals and clinics who like to have a device of their own to use at home and within the community.


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