NEOBOLT MoBike: How it can assist you?

Neobolt MoBike is an ultimate innovation for the disabled people in the discussion of transport and mobility, let’s get to know more about this. A Human Life Builds on Proper Socialization. When someone’s life ends up on a wheelchair due to any mishaps his or her life takes a setback and he/she has to confine, rest of their life depending on what life offers. During such events, the Assistive devices like wheelchairs may be physical or motorized are of great help. So, what if a MoBike that can help you take a ride!

This new Innovation NEOBOLT MoBike by the NEOMOTION Assistive Solutions Private Limited, whose slogan is ‘’Live life to the fullest’’ helps Wheelchair users to live their life with less dependency, letting them to move around Individually, they no more need to limit their freedom within the house, they can go out to shop, for any job of their preference.  


Drive Anytime, anywhere:  

This NEOBOLT MoBike extends the users the freedom to drive out into the places he/she prefers like educational institutions, to job, or on a shopping trip or to any public place, it can be a good relief for those who love to hang out with friends, go to family gatherings. The rider can individually strap himself to the MoBike.

Requires No manual Assistance:

 One can just ride this Bike just like common on road Motorbikes or scooters, just sit, strap, start and go.  

Mighty Motors, For All Terrains:  

This NeoBolt Mobike’s Motors are so powerful they can be driven to anywhere you want. It’s so well designed that it can handle the pot-holed streets to climb a steep hill.  Its Ramp-Maintained Mobility helps the user to climb the hills, the Shock Riveting Suspensions allow the user to drive through the pot-holed streets comfortably.

Designed for care:  

This Motorized NeoBolt MoBike designed with a Speed Regulator and Sideways Ant-Tipper, lets the driver ride with the stride he likes without fearing of tripping over. In spite of having all the add-ons in a Mobike from a Digital Dashboard, Brum Brakes and Side Lights which provides higher visibility on road, the Anti-Theft Buzzer is a very important feature which ensures the users safety. 

Powered with BatteriesPowered with lithium-Ion Battery which for every charge provides 30 Kms of drive and gets completely recharged in 4 hours. 

All the above-mentioned qualities and benefits makes this NeoBolt MoBike a reasonable transportation mode for the disabled. 

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