How to take care of assistive devices used for visual impairments

The Term Assistive Devices covers a wide range of items used by patients suffering from different types of disabilities. Here in particular it is discussed on Optical Assistive Devices and How the kids are to be trained by parents or caregivers to maintain their expensive or assistive device safely.

Some of the Optical Assistive Devices for the visually impaired are:

Magnifier and Monocular which are Low Vision Devices, Assistive Tools and Assistive Technology like Cane used for mobility and Transferrable notetaker or refreshable braille display. 

Irrespective of the Optical Assistive Devices a child uses for his particular problem, it’s best for him/her to learn how to care for those products as well.  Below mentioned are a few ideas on the maintenance of the equipment they use.

  • Providing a specific space or place at home to keep the child’s or user’s assistive device. The place has to be much safer and quite easily reachable.
  • When the child has to use the device in a public place, he must have a safe and comfortable method to carry the items he needs. The items like a magnifier or monocular should be packed in individual cases to protect their Optical equipment from any damage while on journey.
  • Educating the child on how to charge his Optical equipment like a Portable Notetaker which needs to be charged each night. Teach him how to safely plug in the charger. 
  • Helping the child to prepare a checklist and schedule in Print or Braille, on the daily or weekly needs he has to do, to maintain his/her Optical equipment. Parents must make sure the children are following the guided steps properly. Using a tactile sticker next to items on their list as they complete each necessary task, would be a great idea to follow until they become used with the routine. 

Optical Equipment’s are definitely expensive and the parents or caregiver should be aware of the child’s limitations before letting them use equipment on their own. Few weeks of trails would be better by giving them false items of the same size and shape if possible (for example of a monocular) and once the child has learned to handle it safely, then he or she can be introduced with their real products


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