How To Dispatch Big Size Files On Gmail

Gmail is one of the main platforms to send and receive files. Do you know how to send big files via gmail. It is a safe and convenient way of sending files. But sending a large file is a dilemma. We cannot send large files with the size of 25 MB via Gmail. Here we are going to introduce two methods on how to transfer large files using a Google account.

How to send big file on Gmail

We can use Google Drive to send big files. If you are using a smartphone you can see the attachment icon of Google Drive on the screen. Select the file we need to send. We can see a share button on the left bottom side of the screen. Click on the share button. Then select Google Drive and click on save. After uploading the file, we can press on 3 dots on the file in the drive. Press on share and type the email ID of the receiver. 

We can select Google Drive from the upper right side of Gmail. Select Google Drive and click on new. Then a popup menu will appear. We can select file upload. A window will open and we can select the file to be uploaded. 

Additionally, there are 2 options: one option only allows the recipient to edit and the other recipient to view. After that, we can send the link to the receiver. The receiver can open the link and easily download the file. Up to 15 GB of files can be uploaded via drive. If our file is more than 15 GB we can use the second method. 

The second method is WeTransfer. It is very useful to share large files on Gmail or other platforms. Up to 2GB of files can be uploaded and shared with about 10 people. The transfer link has an expiry date. It will automatically expire after 7 days. We can just upload the files in WeTransfer. After that, we need to give some details and click on the send button.

First, we need to verify our email address. After the verification, the file will be transferred. Uploading of 2GB is free. If you need to send up to 200 GB of files with password protection you can subscribe to a paid plan. The version enables us to send files to around 50 people.

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