Adaptive Equipment for Improved Lifestyle for the Disabled/mild impairments

Adaptive Equipment is equipment used for daily activities like wearing socks, shoes, and clothes. 

Dressing stick: This Adaptive Equipment helps to reach behind one’s arm while wearing a shirt, especially when you have a back ache or a frozen shoulder or any other injuries. This equipment can also be used to fetch clothing by unhooking it from a hanger from a closet. 

Reacher/Grabber: This Adaptive Tool is used to fetch socks on the floor or from the shoes. You can even grab the shoes as well as bring it closer to your legs so that it’s convenient enough to wear, also to avoid stretching or bending 90 degrees. Also, one can use it to get down your clothing from the closet. One can also use these Grabbers to help you get dressed up, especially wearing pants. 

Long handle shoe Horn: This Adaptive Device helps to slide your foot into the shoes much easily without bending or using too much effort. 

Button Hook: This Adaptive tool helps those, who lack fine motor grasp, when you have a low strength to grab or hold on to tiny items.  Button Hooks helps to get hold of the buttons and pull through the buttonhole and get dressed up.

Sock Aid: This Adaptive tool helps the user to wear the socks without bending towards the foot or lifting the foot enough to wear the socks. Pick up the socks from the shoes with the help of a Reacher or grabber and then insert the socks with the right side up on to the sock Aid and place it on the floor and insert the foot into the open case and push till you see your fingers at the end of the socks and then pull back the thread connected to the Sock Aid so that the Sock Aid slips off. 

Long Handle sponge: These long-handled sponge sticks are used to brush ones back or reach down to foot while taking a shower. 

So is the above-mentioned Adaptive equipment to be used to make living easier. 


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