Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter for kids with special needs

Kids with special needs could find it hard to sit independently on a chair without additional adaptive means. This new invention of Adaptive seating would be a great gift to the Little Kids who would be glad to have a good seating experience on use of this product. 

Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter, is an adaptive product which is ideal for small kids to teenagers. The soft touch Sitter, which is efficient, provides a comfortable seating experience to the kids who need special care. 

  • The Soft-Touch Sitters are Waterproof as they are made of Latex-Free, Seamless material helping it wipe clean,
  • It’s resistant to tear and peel and includes an Inbuilt Anti-Microbial Protection.
  • The strong exterior of this Soft Touch Sitter is long lasting, and the form within the seats make them soft and comfortable, providing a convenient seating experience. 
  • They are Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors with 5 years warranty.

Other key Features

  • Built-in Abductor.
  • Soft contoured and anti-thrust seating surface.
  • Adjustable 5-point positioning bind. 
  • Lateral and contoured head supports.
  • Attachment straps to secure a normal chair.

They come in 5 sizes. Each Soft Touch Sitter comes with varied weight capacity, Target Height, and Target Age. The Inside seat depth and width, the Back Height and the Floor to Seat Height when Upright or Tilted on fixed Base or Moveable Base varies depending on chair Sizes. Also, the Overall Seat Height, Depth and Width of each chair varies depending on their selected size. Even the seat Weight differs with each chair size. 

Product Customizations

    • Target Age which begins from 1to 3 years for size 1 up to 13 to adult for size 5.
    • Weight Capacity initial, from 20lbs-40lbs for Size 1 till 90lbs-200lbs for size 5.
    • Target Height, begins at 30” to 40” for Size 1 till 54” to 74” for the last 5th size.
    • Seat Weight which differs, from 6lbs for 1st size to 19lbs for size 5. 
    • Overall Seat Depth, Width and Height that fluctuates from 12” to 21”, 12” to 20” and 25” to 44” respectively. From Size one to Size Five.
    • From Size 1 to Size 5 the Floor to Seat Height (when Upright and Tilted on a Firm base) is from 10” to 12.5” and from 10.5” to 14.25” separately.
  • Floor to Seat Height on a Moveable base when Upright and Tilted starts with 12.5” to 14.5” for Size 1 to 16” to 17.75” for Size 5.
  • Inside Seat Depth and Width which also varies according to the varied size from 1 to 5. Inside Seat Depth Starting with 7” to 16”, Inside Seat Width from 8” to 16”. 
  • Seat Back Height also differs from 21” to 39” according to chosen size from (1 to 5). 

Caregivers can choose what’s best for their special kid and let them enjoy some extra comfort.

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