Try new AXS Map (access map) Mobile App for Accessibility

Many of us would barely have thought of the accessibility struggles a weaker or disabled community has to go through on a daily basis accessing the outer world. Many of us would start realizing the situation if we happened to face such a situation on our own. 

Many places are yet to improve to accommodate the disabled or differently abled section in the community. The Inconvenience of assessment deprives them from proper education, get employment and also lead a normal life. 

This AXS Map (access map) targets to ease the problem of social exclusion by sharing reviews for the wheelchair accessors, providing details on accessibility of the destinations they prefer to access like, restaurants, entertainment centers, Malls, and many other day-to-day destinations that are available on mobile web, online and also on an iPhone and Android applications.  

What is an AXS Map?

AXS Map is a crowd-sourced app which provides a lay out of a land, with complete assessments and particulars approximately the particular levels of access; Is the destined area accessible or not, if the area which the person is willing to visit has any steps and if no steps is the Ramp provided too steep or the entrance has an easily navigable inclined ramp. AXS Map intends to combine many diverse points and voices of opinion on a single shared network, creating a practical source for a group of people who care for admission and presence. 

Jason DaSilva, a Canadian Filmmaker also winner of “Emerging Innovator” Award at the Canada New Media Awards in 2008 was recognized for his convergent media work, is the creator of AXS Map.  He himself felt the need of creating an App after he happened to be in a wheelchair for a few years as he lost his ability to walk due to Multiple Sclerosis. Facing the difficulties and challenges to access the outer world he came up with the AXS Map idea. DaSilva and AXS Lab are distributing the word about AXS Map. 

The first Prototype of AXS Map was created with a partnership with Kevin Bluer who is a skilled entrepreneur and technologist. This thought of an app was funded by Google Earth Outreach and a few other foundations. 

So, this AXS Accessibility Map could be of great use to the disabled community also to their caregivers to access and try to lead a better life than leading a life excluding the outer world. 


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