Let’s try Dot Watch: A smart watch for visually impaired

Dot Watch is a smart phone which outputs all information in braille by connecting to the user’s smartphone through the Dot Watch App. Even though this watch can be used as a separate analog watch, it’s preferable to have a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Dot Watch App connection. 

A view into its parts and functions. Dot Watch consists of 5 parts.

  • Dot Watch Display: It’s the main part of the Dot watch which includes the Dial. Which is composed of 4 cells, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. 
  • Touch Sensors: These touch sensors are located below the 2nd and 3rd cells, which can be used to scroll to left, right, front or back. 
  • Dot Crown: This Dot Crown is located to the right of the Watch, which is the center button that can be rotated in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • Select Button: This is situated on the right side of the Dot Watch Frame The selection button is mounted on top of Dot Crown. To activate different functions just press once in the Dot Watch.
  • Home Button: The Home Button is located beneath the Dot Crown on the right side of the Dot Watch Frame. One press is enough to go to reserve mode and all buttons function in standby position. All cells stay down in sleep mode. But Dot Crown will not function until the users press any button to exit sleep mode. 

How to use dot watch

Place the wrist band around the wrist then adjust its tightness according to one’s comfortable level. If the wrist band slips out of the metal loop, insert the magnetic end of the wrist band through the loop and alter to fit. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on the band as it could end up in separation of the band from the watch itself.

On/Off operation:

Switching On: Press and hold the “Home Button” for 3 seconds to turn on the smart watch. In this 3 second the system will vibrate and all the braille cells would come up and stay for 3 seconds and then turn down. 

Switching off: Again, press and hold the “Home Button “for 3 seconds while it’s powered on, then the device after a vibration will turn off. 

Charging the Batteries: The batteries need to be fully charged before the first use. For best results charge the smart watch using the charger provided with the product. Even a USB adapter or a PC can be used to charge the battery. On the back of the device and on the charger, check the position of the Metallic Charging Terminal. This is drawn by a tiny indicator on the back side of the Dot Watch. Next, exactly align the charging terminal of the charger with the charging terminal of the Dot Watch that is slightly bulging from the smooth cradle face. While charging, the built-in magnet within the charger helps with the right placement of the device. Next, connect the charger to an USB Terminal. While charging, the system vibrates unless it’s completely discharged. It’s best to charge the system for at least 30 minutes prior to use if it’s completely discharged. The Doc smartwatch will not go to sleep mode when it’s charging. The device will vibrate twice, once long and once shot when it’s connected to the charger. It also displays the Battery Life that remains. When it gets fully charged it vibrates and returns to sleep mode. Care should be taken to avoid the chances of the charger and the magnetic mesh band sticking together which can prevent proper charging which can be avoided Checking with the alerts (cell movements and vibration). 

Checking for Battery Life: Turning the crown clockwise once will help to know the lasting battery level. It displays the number in Braille mode in tens lacking the percentage sign.  E.g., 10% [dots 3,4,5,6/dot 1/ dots 2.4.5].

In Tactile Mode, the lasting battery life is displayed by the number of dots, growing by each line from the left. E.g., 50%: [ dots 1,2,3,4,5,6, /dots 3.6/dots 3.6].

Low Battery display: An Alert message with 3 repeated vibrations will indicate the battery level is 20% and 10%, so it’s best to charge the Dot Watch when the warning is received.

Sleep mode function: This function helps to save battery life of the Doc Watch if it’s not being operated for 60 seconds. All the cells automatically stay inside the display as the device sets to sleep mode; this deactivates the Doc Crown operation. The Doc Watch reactivates on its own when a button is pressed. It receives alarms, warnings/notifications. The “standby time “that is default is usually 60 seconds.


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