Disability inclusion trends: audio and video captioning by Google Chrome

Recently Live captions were added to the desktop version of Chrome by Google. By enabling Live Captions, Chrome can Auto-Transcribe even a muted sound or audio playing in the browser. Online Contents are made much more accessible by Captions. Caption is great for those suffering with hearing Impairment or hard of hearing or the situations where you need to mute or reduce the sound in a noisy atmosphere. With the help of Captions one can follow along the conversations or whatever content they are watching without much effort. But captions need not be available with every content they watch.  Here comes the benefit from the Live Caption on Chrome.

Real time captions for media with audio on your browser can be generated automatically with Live Caption on Chrome. It works transversely for a wide range of social and video sites, personal video libraries like Google Photos, Podcasts, radio content, fixed video players, and also for most of the web-based audio and video chat services. 

How to activate Live Caption in Chrome?

Just 3 steps are enough to activate from one’s Desktop. 

  1. Go to Chrome Settings. 
  2. Click on the Advanced Section. 
  3. Go to the Accessibility section.

This feature which presently supports English is Globally available on the newest release of Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. On Mac and Chrome OS one can even access Live Captions on associated Braille displays. For any audio or video on any mobile device and for Android devices, Live Caption is already available. 

How does it function?

In Chrome the captions are formed on-device, which lets the captions to appear when the content displays, avoiding the need to leave the computer. This Live Caption also functions offline, making it more convenient to caption audios or videos saved on Hard Drive when it’s played-on Chrome.


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