How a CPM Machine can help you in rehabilitation

A CPM machine is suggested to a person by his/her Healthcare Provider to help the person recover from an injury or surgery.

Below quotes will help to get an idea of what CPM is and its applications and purpose. 

This Machine is a device that gradually and mildly moves the joint when the suffering person is in bed after the below mentioned situations.

  • Rotator cuff repair or total Knee replacement surgery.
  • Removal of scar tissue from a joint with operation for stiffness.
  • After a fracture to one’s upper or lower limbs or for conditions like osteoarthritis. 

After a surgery or an injury, a Healthcare provider could prescribe the use of a CPM Machine along with Physical therapy which can help to recover faster. 

Benefits of using a CPM Machine:

The CPM Machine helps to increase the (ROM) range of motion of the upper or lower limbs. The machine bends the joints for the patients. A Healthcare provider can program the Machine to alter the amount of how much the person’s joints can be flexed in upcoming days. ROM can prevent pain and stiffness in the knee also prevents scar being formed. 

Muscles gain their strength quickly. This Machine gently exercises the Arm or leg muscles avoiding them from getting weaker. By using CPM, the user’s ligaments and tendons, tissues which connect your muscles and bones can also gain strength.

Reduced Pain. The Machine elevates the injured leg or arm which reduces swelling promoting reduced pain.  

Increased Blood Flow. Using a CPM machine can increase blood flow in the legs and arms promoting blood flow to the tissues helping heal faster. 

Tips of Using the CPM Machine safely:

A Healthcare Provider can guide on how to use the CPM Machine. The Care Provider can instruct the number of modifications done in flexion, time and speed. One can use the CPM machine up to 2 hours at a time and 3 to 4 times each day. 

Safety Precautions:

  1. Put the CPM machine against the bedhead or any heavy object that can prevent it from moving while in use. 
  2. While Plugging the CPM machine, secure the cord to the ground or move it under the bed to prevent falls.
  3. Before using the CPM machine, the person must learn from his caregiver how to remove the Immobilizer from the shoulder or from the knee. 
  4. Wrap the machine’s strap around the lower arm of the person to attach the person’s arm to the Machine. 
  5. To attach the leg to the Machine, wrap the provided straps around the thigh, shin and foot. 
  6. While using the Machine for the shoulder, elbow should be placed where the CPM bends. Hand should be placed around the hand grip. 
  7. When using the Machine for the Legs, Knee must be placed where the machine bends, and the foot must be rested on the foot pad. 
  8. Avoid machine use while smoking to prevent the system from catching fire from open flames and heat. 
  9. Avoid using cleaners or water to clean the CPM machine as it can cause damage to the machine. Try to keep it dry.
  10.  Can take any pain medicine 20 to 30 minutes before using the CPM machine as it helps to control pain while using the machine. 

By following the above-mentioned tips of using the CPM machine a user can gain better health benefits. 


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