Toothbrushes for Quadriplegics: innovation for independence

In recent years toothbrushes in common have improved and come a long way meeting different persons needs. From medium to hard, soft and very soft bristles. From toddlers to those with brittle enamel. 

But the advancement in this field for the Quadriplegics had begun in the 1970s, by the invention of a high-level electric toothbrush. A ‘hands-free’ toothbrush the very latest invention is even more suited for someone with a severe spinal cord injury as it’s a no hands required new design. 

These new designs have included a BASS technology which is a high vibration frequency that helps remove almost all the plaque and bacteria from the teeth. Its U-shaped design is very much complimentary. 

Below mentioned are a few of the latest models available:

  1. Amabrush: This brand is a hands-free toothbrush guaranteeing a complete clean tooth in just ten seconds. The flexible mouthpiece is made of Antibacterial Material with built-in-channels that transfer the toothpaste to the user’s teeth. The 3D-arranged bristles on both sides of the mouthpiece made of antibacterial silicone destroys almost all bacteria, and sophistically organized bristles prevent gum damage. Delicate vibrations move the bristles back and forth, cleans the plaque and keeps the gums protected. Amabrush Hands free toothbrush uses Bass method which is recommended by dentists where the bristles are directed in a 45degree angle against the gum line providing better cleaning. The flexible silicone material used fits every jaw with no irregular teeth dislocations. The Mouthpiece should be replaced every 3 to 6 months as usually done with manual toothbrushes for effective performance.
  2. HiBrush:  This so-called Sonic Toothbrush guarantees completely cleaned teeth in just 10 seconds. This is a completely automatic hands-free toothbrush and comes in a variety of colors. The built-in cold light in the brush offers a whitening mode. 
  3. AutoBrush: This BASS technology AutoBrush has a LED blue light installed which whitens the user’s teeth.  Its advanced technology ensures a cleaned tooth in 30 seconds and it’s of course a hands-free toothbrush model. A model of the same brand is available for kids as well with attractive colors.
  4. Go Smile Blue: This Brand of Hands-free toothbrush comes with foaming whitening toothpaste, with 2 silicone mouth trays for whitening. This Go Smile Blue toothbrush with Blue light technology claims to clean teeth to seven shades in 7 days without any damage to teeth. As the blue light claims to kill the bacteria it helps to get rid of bad breath.  The gum massager in this a

toothbrush helps those with periodontal disease by encouraging blood flow.

Above-mentioned Hands-Free Toothbrushes are very useful for those with quadriplegia as they can find it easier and comfortable to use. 


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