Assistive solution Devices for people with quadriplegia

People with quadriplegia do have to face lots of challenges in their everyday activities where they need help from a Caregiver. We can find a vast variety of assistive solution devices in the market engineered to ease their activities. Too many fields are covered where the Solution assistive devices are invented to ease their difficulties. 

Below mentioned are the few chosen from the huge list.

Toothbrushes, Kitchen Aids, Swimming Assistance and hands-free access to smartphones are the few from the various fields where assistive devices provide solutions to the needs of quadriplegics.  Though these inventions do not completely come to aid for all types of Quadriplegics, with respect to their varying needs, cost and accessibility, it’s best to do a detailed study on the real needs of the patient/ user to be by the patient himself or by their caregivers before making a personal purchase.

3 Assistive tools to help eating. 

Robotic arm device for feeding: This Assistive Eating device is designed for adults and children with quadriplegia, muscular weakness or with loss of upper limb function. A person with cognitive ability to operate a simple machine or operate accessibility switches with their legs or feet, shoulders, arms, or with head can operate this device. 

Wrist Support devices: These wrist support devices are designed either with full braces or that are similar to splints. These Assistive Eating devices allow the person using to hold the hand in extension to back up a weak wrist. Forks, Spoons/other eating utensils or writing equipment are then secured to this wrist support device to assist with daily purposes. 

Clips/Handcuffs: These Assistive Eating devices are to hold utensils and are adjustable to meet each person’s hand size, condition and also depending on the shape of the utensil. This Assistive Eating device helps the person to hold eating utensils and other instruments as well and they are very convenient and useful for people that struggle with hand tremors. 

The above-mentioned Assistive Eating Devices when used accordingly by the right persons would be of great help in reducing their mobility defects. 


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