AquaTilt Pool and Shower Wheelchair: How it makes the poolside transfers easy

This AquaTilt Pool chair stays different from other pool wheelchairs as they are built to meet the needs of all types of people with limited mobility who are willing to use pools.

15 Features of AquaTilt:

  • Can be Tilted up to 30 Degrees.
  • Comfortable platform for users with extreme dependency.  1 Size that suits from adults to children.
  • Adjustable seat, with back and leg supports.
  • AquaParallel is suitable for similar transfers: for swimming pool, showering and other wet surroundings. 
  • 7 to 5-point harness system with extra leg limits. 
  • Hidden manacles.
  • Flip up Arm rests.
  • Self-propelling wheels.
  • Height Adjustable head support. 
  • Countered height adjustable back support.
  • Flip up arm rests.
  • User functional swing back leg support for easier standing.
  • Height adjustable cushioned foot plate.
  • Concealed waist belt.
  • Easy to wipe dry seat Pads.

Aquastand makes Transfer Easy:  

This Aquastand product is designed to help the person transfer himself to get into water. The person using Aquastand can swing back his foot rest without reaching down. The foot rest gets tuck neatly under the seat, clearing the front of the wheelchair. Next the person can move his foot ahead and place it at his comfortable position and pushing against the hand rests can rise to a standing position.  For added support the person can park the pool chair in front of grab rails. 

AquaParallel: AquaParallel is designed to make the shift of persons with immobility much easier, from a seating to a wheelchair, to a vehicle, to a WC, or other seating. The flip up armrests and rear wheel are precisely positioned to create a totally clear pathway for parallel transfer. 

Aquatilt an end to poolside transfers:

For people who ponder poolside shifts to be unsafe, would need pool staff to assist which can be humiliating and eventually putting off swimmers. Aquatilt with Poolpod platform lift helps wheelchair users to roll straight onto the platform with least fuss. 

Safety features to increase protection and independence.

  • Aqua lock: Using this feature in the AquaTilt wheelchair, users can be confident that they will not be ridden off the edge of well-matched pool platform lifts off their range. The wheelchair is held securely in place with a gentle grip when the door of the platform lift closes. It’s very important when a wheelchair is being submerged, it prevents the wheelchair from lifting off due to water pressure, resistance or being dragged in by a user. 
  • Aqua Brake: AquaBrakes in AquaTilt are designed for in-built operation. The handles are used to push down to release and pull to brake. The handles are well positioned making sure it does not interrupt in parallel transfers and also, they are easily reached by the users.  To prevent users from getting vulnerable to trapping points AquaBreaks are covered. 

Thus are some exotic features included to explain the feature of AquaTilt which could be of great assistance to the neediest.


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