Poolpod Electronic Wristbands: Chip access wristbands for inclusive pools

The Poolpod Access Wristbands, allows and controls access to poolpod. These electronically tagged Poolpod Wristbands are used to operate Pool Lift. The wrist band is held against the up or down button. By holding the wristband contrary to the up or down button, the occurrence of the wristband is sensed by the control helping the pool lift to move up or down. 

Wristband Control: Poolpod electronic Wristband control helps to manage safety of the operators. To provide Additional safety in busy pools, the poolpod can be run in authorized mode. If run in authorized mode the pool attendant would let the Poolpod to be operated by activating the Allow button available on the Poolpod Remote Control. Then the Poolpod is powered up and used to access swimming pools. 

Below mentioned are the few unique benefits of Poolpod electronic wristband:

Availability: The Poolpod Electronic Wristband ensures that poolpod is available to genuine users for use. 

Enables Independence: These Wristbands help in providing the pools for disabled people to access with independence in a safe manner. 

Safety: These Electronic wristbands prevent Children and others from “playing” on the pool lift. Also lets the pool staff choose on which user can use the pool autonomously and decide who needs support. 

Chip access wristbands: Chip Access Wristbands are controlled via RFID nearness wristbands, at all-time available to those who need it, still safe for children and susceptible people. The wristband system lets the lift be left in the stand-in mode to be used by the user with the wristband. 

Pool pod was developed mainly for the London 2012 Paralympic Games and Olympic. 

  • Poolpod with wristbands provide confidence and companionship.  
  • They are Battery Powered and are very simple to Install. Just “plug and play”. 
  • Pool side transfers which were humiliating and dangerous are made easy by this Pool side Transfers. 
  • Pool side to Pool in are made simple and fast in just 20 seconds. 
  • Pool Lift that can be used by the user improves the confidence and independence in the user. 
  • The wireless remote control improves serviceability and safety when needed for monitoring lifeguard and intervention. Also, the lifeguard can control the Poolpod from anywhere in the pool hall. The lifeguard can check battery status and also can take control of the lift if required. 

Poolpod and the access electronic wristband comes as a great Assistive device for the disabled, wheelchair users and ambulatory patients, many of them are deprived of aquatic freedom in pools due to restricted mobility. The Poolpod can be used for 50 cycles on single charge. 

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