Here’s the top Swimsuits for Special Needs

Enjoying the water sport or dealing with any aquatic therapy or be it a normal pool routine swim would be hard for those with limited mobility. The Swim Gears below are sure to provide a great resource and help for the caregivers and the patients as well.

These suits are subject to solving safety and dressing problems with suits designed that can be immediately covered over diapers. These lightweight diapers are very much accessible for kids, teens and adults.

My Pool Pal Flotation Swimsuit:  These flotation diapers are very much popular among kids with all abilities, they are available in different styles and sizes. The company brands swim diapers and a flotation belt for adults as well.

SlipOn Swimsuits: These minimal fuss swimsuits are created by the same specialists of Unique SOSecure Swim underwear for kids and adults a like which wrap and attach with ease.

Suits Me Wraparound Swimsuits: These Suits Me Wraparounds are designed as they can be worn by people of varied size. 

6 Floating Devices:

Floating in water is made fun with the special-needs-suited Gears.

Aqua Float water Walker: This floater is designed to provide its users who have normal head and trunk control, who just need assistance while moving through or pool. These aqua walkers provide easy-to-grip handrails and 4 buoyant foam supports. The support provided on all 4 sides makes sure an adult or a child is safe who is on an Aquatic physiotherapy.

Dolphin Float System: These float wears are ideal for those with Head or trunk control, but it lacks even weight. The removable front chest pad provides a front chest lift, Side pads help in minimizing sideways rotation. While swimming the crotch strap is used for proper positioning of the swimming suit.

Head Float: This product is very unique as they are water resistant, and will stay on float even if they get damaged by any reason as they are built of Ensolite marine flotation foam. This Head Float will surely be a product for those who love to stay Independent in the pool.

Life Jacket: These jackets are specially designed for people with special needs. These life jackets are reliable and safe for people with reduced mobility of all age groups. These Adapted PFD-A’s upholds the stretched-out body in an abaxial position. It helps to improve the users’ self-confidence. It provides greater constancy in neurological disorder, loss of consciousness and involuntary sudden reflexes. 

  • The individuals using Life Jacket-Adapted Lj-A’s can swim comfortably on their back and also on their stomach. It’s capacity to lift the face off the water surface almost quickly is great. 
  • Life Jacket-Vertical’s efficiently upholds one person vertically. We call this latest Lj-V. It’s capacity to hold the body in a vertical position is great. 

Sectional Raft: The Sectional Raft secures the Individuals body who feel insecure in water by cladding the body. Raft lets the water flow around the individual’s body rather than keep it floating over the water to provide a sense of being in the water, there are lateral supports for mild neck/head support also the head pad is reversible. The body is prevented from rolling and provides room for arm motion as the shoulder straps are snapped over the arms with an easy fit. 

Wet Vest 2:  This Deep-water exercise Wet Vest 2 is engineered to support the user at neck level. This vest is used like a bathing suit covering the body. it’s designed for deep water workout.  This suit keeps one warm in water also flotation panels are stitched into it making it a comfortable vest.

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