Premium toilet accessories and assistive solutions

Elderly people would require premium toilet accessories and assistive solutions, especially those suffering from Arthritis, individuals with temporary illness or with lower immobility impairment would find it hard to use toilets as sitting down and getting up from the closet seats would be really hard for them. The Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms and Adjustable safety Rails would be of great help working as an assistive or supportive tool.  

Product Description:

  • Can easily attach to regular toilet seats.
  • Heavy-duty and durable mold.
  • Tool Free Detachable Arms.

The best thing about this Seat Riser is, it can be used with or without armrests depending on the needs and space requirements.  This toilet Seat Riser with its strong and durable metal arms provide rubberized grips for additional comfort.  For additional comfort this Seat Riser product provides durable and strong metal arms with rubberized grips. High resistant plastic molded seat provides outstanding strength and toughness while remaining lightweight and moveable. The Seat Riser is easy to clean and can be attached to the standard toilet bowl without any additional tools and can be used with the existing toilet seat and lid. 

It’s available in White color, it’s made of High-quality Plastic, and lasts a limited Lifetime. 

Adjustable Toilet Safety Rails:

Safety Rails can be another choice for people with mild disabilities as they can be a bit wobbly if pulled on it. Still this Safety Rails could be a great assistive tool if the person has good balance and needs a mild support for his or her sit and stand-up activity.  

Product Description:

  1. These safety rails provide support while getting up and sitting down on the toilet seat.
  2. It comes with a strong, lightweight Aluminium frame work.
  3. Features adjustable height and supports up to 250lbs.
  4. It can be fitted easily as a toilet seat.
  5. Requires no tools to assemble.

 Product features: 

  • Lightweight and easy to install 
  • Unit is securely attached to the toilet with a nylon-coated steel bracket.
  • For added comfort waterfall armrests. 
  • Adjustable height 24”-29”.
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs. 
  • Adjustable width, two position arms 17”-21”.
  • For easier cleaning around the toilet Rail Legs raise off the floor.
  • The product comprises dry natural rubber. 

Warrantied for a limited lifetime. 

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