Top two standing aids for special needs

Looking for assistive options for home based support infrastructure? Here’s a top two standing aids for special needs:

The Curve Grab Bar:

The Curve Grab Bar offers stability for users providing support while sitting to standing in the washroom. These increase bathroom safety and movement while enhancing the independence of individuals. 


  • It’s Constructed of rust-resistant, zinc plated steel.
  • Hinges and Locks against the wall when not in use. 
  • Features 5 locking positions.
  • Can be installed easily and quickly into a single wall stud.
  • Support up to 300lbs 
  • Product weights 12lbs.
  • Product length: 40”
  • Length of curve Handle: 18.75”
  • Length of horizontal base bar: 14”
  • At 90 degrees position the length of extension from the wall: 12.5” Diameter: 1.25”.
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee.


Installing the New Curved Grab Bar means an improved and much safer Bathroom for its users. Its strong steel grab bar Offers additional stability and strength needed to pull themselves up from a sitting to standing position. It’s a convenient product that can be turned off when not in use as it saves space and it mostly comes in white color that can blend into the ambiance of a bathroom. With its 5 locking positions and 5 hand grips the Curve Grab Bars creates a much more comfortable and secure bathroom atmosphere for those you care for. 

Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar:

This Grab Bar on a Security Pole comes in 2 colors, Black and white. The convenience of this product is, as the Grab Bar is fixed on a Pole it can be moved around any where it is of use.  May be within a toilet or at a bedside or a couch assisting the person to stand up easily. 

This Pole is tension mounted so it is convenient to place it anywhere in the house with no need of screws or bolts. The 4-Hand Grips make it easy to climb to a standing position. The Grab Bar consists of four hand grips helping to get up to standing position. The Grab Bar can be turned off the way when not in use as the grab bar can rotate 360 degrees.  It can be used just as any other accessory at home without any hindrance in the comfort of one’s home.


  • Installs in no time than 15 minutes. No need for screws or bolts.
  • Durable powder coat finish with rust resistant zinc plated steel.
  • Ceiling Heights fits up to 7’-10’ft range.
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs.
  • Weight of Product: 20lbs.
  • Lifetime Guarantee by the Manufacturer’s.

Thus, the above mentioned 2 Grab Bars can be of great assistance to the elderly or any one with less mobility to bring in some comfort with safety.

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