Early intervention and rehabilitation Toys and Games for children with special needs

Actually, what parents with special needs kids expect to find for their child when prescribed special and effective toys or games for their child’s development or recovery is something different from normal kids. But in reality, at least for some kids there is no need to spend time searching and spending on those high-priced toys or equipment. 

Simple old Walmart, Toys R Us, or flat some homemade toys and games are equally effective and fun filled. Only thing is parents just need to think a bit creatively. 

10 Top Toys and Games to select from according to the kid’s needs

  • Blocks, Legos, and such Building Toys: Basic blocks and many such building toys are a best choice for special kids as they help to teach them to coordinate and concentrate and develop new ideas and ways to work on creating new structures. It also develops social teamwork and figurative play skills in kids.
  • Simple, Safe Bounce Toys: As any other kid, special needs kids too love to bounce. Especially those with sensory issues. Bounce Balls with Handles, Mini-trampolines with handles are a great choice. They are not only fun to play, they can be used as rewards for behaving well.
  • Slides and Swings:  Slides can be of tiny sizes which can be used indoors during bad weather, also they can be larger and more challenging for the kid.  Swings are also a good fun gaming product but parents or caregivers must take care to make sure if the kid is prepared to balance all alone, if not can buy a swing with an adjustable belt. 
  • Water Toys: All kids love to play in water with soap, it would be a great fun activity engaging them for a long time. Try Slip-n-Slides, wind-up submarines and boats, Interactive sprinklers. 
  • Bubbles and Foam: Watching the soap bubbles pop and chasing them would be great fun for all kids. Blowing bubbles perfectly needs lots of motor control and lots of patience. So, a parent can get among many foam-making or bubble-making toys available in the market that suits a child.
  • Puzzles: For a child who prefers a Sedentary activity can prefer to opt for Puzzles as they are an ideal choice as they can be more challenging depending on the kids’ abilities, also fun with a companion. 
  • Simple Card and Board Games: Some card or board games to be introduced to kids to improve their strategic thinking, social interaction and turn-talking are Uno, Go Fish, War, Checkers, Connect Four. They are short and simple games.
  • Sensory Toys: A sensory Toy can be anything that buzzes or beeps. It can be a play dough, clay, putty, “Fidget” or “Stress” balls, worry beads, and many others. All these are less costly and are easily available. These clay items are therapeutic and improve artistic view in kids.
  • Pop-Up Tunnels and Play Houses: As of all kids, special needs kids too will love to play with Pop-up tunnels, Playhouses and tents. They are of low cost and easily stored. They help In the Motor Development, provide a sensory escape, and promote symbolic play, parents or caregivers’ help might be required.
  • Art Supplies: Kids with any level of ability will love to draw with markers, colored pencils and large crayons and have lots of fun. Coloring books are another great choice as kids love to scribble or scratch with colors, they can learn to develop motor skills to limit their colors within the boundaries. 

In brief if the game or toy the child and the companion is playing with is engaging and is actively liked by the child thus it’s the best toy or game for him or her providing therapeutic experience.


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