Bestselling pointers and page turners to assist people with loco motor disabilities

Using a Keyboard or holding a pencil or turning pages would be a challenge for those suffering from people with loco motor disabilities such as Muscular Dystrophy, multiple sclerosis or severe injury which limits hand movements. Pointers and Page turners can be used by the individuals that adjust to each individual condition and perform respective activities. People with limited verbal communication skills who use communication boards can also be benefited from these assistive Pointers. Below mentioned are 3 types of these Assistive tools.

  1. Type Aid:  Type aids are for those persons who have limited hand function and mobility. The type aid typing tool would make typing easier. This typing accessibility aid can be used for typewriters, calculators, computers, and turn pages while reading a book. This product comes with a hand clip made of plastic with a metal rod key depressor. It’s soft rubber tip helps persons with limited functional hand mobility to accurately lower keys. The soft rubber tip of the depressor avoids any damage to machine keys. 
  2. Bendable Telescopic Mouth stick: These Mouth Sticks give a better visibility and are adjustable providing more natural typing/writing angle. The products Telescopic end makes it easier in adjusting length while viewing the implements. 1 is a keyboard pointer/page turner. The other one is to hold pencils, pen or paintbrush. 
  3. Adjustable Head Pointer:  The Adjustable head pointer is a vital assistive aid for people with restricted hand use for activities with turning pages, drawing or painting. This product consists of lightweight plastic bands protected by metal hardware and outdid by a 19” long aluminum rod. This assistive accessibility product is made comfortable to wear by the padding at the forehead. It can be worn to various head sizes and shapes with adjustable headband and cranial strap. The assistive pointer rod is adjustable to any length, angle and direction. The rod is fixed to a removable pencil holder. It weighs around .23kg. 

The above-mentioned accessibility tools can be used by the individuals to ease their activities on education or job front. 

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