Top 4 reachers designed for assistance you can rely on

Reaching aids or reachers are daily living aids created to help people with special needs.  Reachers assist people with partial/restricted range of motion. It helps to grab out items that are out of reach. These reachers are everyday quick assistants, obtainable in different styles, weightless, folding or rotating, suitable to reach items in low or high places. 

  • Universal Reacher Clip: This reacher fits an extensive variety of reachers and rapidly attaches to tubing of 5/8”- 7/8” diameter of wheelchair, bed rail or walker. It breaks on at any angle and even rotates to support reacher in a vertical position. It’s latex free. Made of sturdy metal.
  • Raptor Reacher: This reacher delivers a close-fitting grip even on the smallest items. It’s low cost and lightweight too. Made of plastic, still durable. Its modern design features a jaw which unlocks a full 2-1/2”, and delivers a constricted grip on the smallest to bulky items, alike coins, newspapers, clothing and cans. It weighs only 6 oz. 24” long. The hook-like extension on the anterior can be used as a dressing aid. 
  • Hand Trigger Reachers: These Reachers are edible for persons with limited hand strength and bending abilities to reach out for objects at limited reach. These are available in 3 lengths. A full hand trigger in this reacher benefits more strength to be used than a finger trigger, conventional model. 
  • Omnigrip Reacher: This OmniGrip Reacher’s trigger barely requires any hand strength to operate. They are lightweight and durable. Without any extra effort applied on the trigger it can hold on an item continuous which is facilitated by the unique locking mechanism. Made of aluminum and light weight plastic they are easy to use. Their removable wrist provision adds stability and resistor for people who want it. The easily adjustable jaw can be moved to any of the 4 axials and any of the 4 positions to attain the best angle for use whether standing, sitting or laying down. Any fine items like nails or needles can be picked up with the help of a magnet provided on the jaw. A convenient 30” product, carried along even while on travel as it fits in a wheelchair basket or into a suitcase. 

Individuals of all age groups with limited hand grips or mobility, elderly persons with arthritis, frozen shoulder, sprains or strains can all try these reachers as they can be of great assistance.

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