Check out the new smart posture trainer from Strack

Technology has been trying to improve Public Health in a much interesting and easy way. STRACK SMART is a device that helps to improve sitting posture. 

This Posture Corrector and trainer device gently vibrates each time one slouch over working on a computer or while reading a book or any such activity over a long time. This bio-feedback based tiny wearable posture corrector trains one to maintain great posture within 30 days. 

How does smart posture trainer work?

The product is aimed at training, posture management as modestly as possible. It’s just a 3 steps process, which can be done in less than a minute. 

  • WEAR: First wear the device on your back with the help of Adhesive or magnet provided.
  • CALIBRATE: Next adjust Strack to the user’s right posture on the Mobile App or just press the button twice. 
  • SIT UPRIGHT: Strack lightly vibrates indicating wrong or bad posture. 

Smart Strack advantages: It’s a smart Wearable technology that’s tiny and wearable without being noticed within your clothing layers. It helps to correct the posture easily anywhere and anytime whether the person is working or walking. One of the best posture and Back Health manager within the user’s hand. This device promotes. 

Posture Tracking: This Techno Friend device and app definitely remembers the person using it to stay active, reminding with inactivity alerts every one hour if the person is inactive for a long time. Posture tracking, monitors your daily, weekly, monthly progress through free iOS and Android App. 

Posture Training: It’s best recommended to keep up with a good posture while attending long time meetings and the right posture benefits the person to stay alert. Posture training includes posture workout videos and customized training for core muscles and improved posture. 

Posture Management: Various customized limits are provided by the Strack to provide the user the best posture correction needed.

Posture Activity: STRACK ensures that the person using it stays active at right intervals by alert messages.

Strack the most Innovative Health tech start-up won the most Prestigious Elevate 2018 and IOT Next 2019 award. It comes with a 1-year warranty, Free iOS and Android Apps, Battery life of 2 to 3 days of charging, Provided with a USB cable.  

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