Bathroom safety assistive solutions for infrastructure inclusion

Bathrooms or washrooms are a common place of accidents with kids, elderly or for those with impaired movements. Those with limited impairment too need assistance while using bathrooms as they can be slippery and a fall can be fatal and can put them to lifelong dependency. So, for every person’s safety it’s very essential to keep this place slip and fall proof.  On the market there are many products/accessories available that can be used to avoid any such unseen accidents.

Adhesive Bath Treads: 

Select SlipX Solutions for your non-slip protection needs. These 7.5” bath safety strips have practically proved to be safe and can stick to fiberglass, porcelain and sealed wood surfaces with its sticky adhesive which is meant to last. 

Adhesive 7.5” Bath Threads. 


  • Quantity (12 count). 
  • On all kinds of slippery surfaces improve grip and safety.
  • Suitable for showers, hot tubs, bathtubs, boats, stairs and much more. 
  • Envisioned to be used on fiberglass, porcelain, sealed wood and other smooth surfaces. 
  • Some surface textures may affect glue. Not for use on refinished surfaces. 
  • Individual tread size: 7 ½” L x 3/4” W.
  • Simple to clean and easy to install, with dependable grip year after year.

How to Install?

Installing SlipX Solutions non-slip & Shower Treads the right way is very important to avoid it from detaching. The installation instructions need to be read, understood and followed properly. 

Installation Instructions:

  1. First clean up the surface the treads need to be applied.
  2. Using rubbing alcohol removes all soap/cleanser residue from the surface. Dry Completely.
  3. Set treads in the wanted pattern.
  4. From one tread at a time remove the backing material.
  5. Working from the center outward press the tread firmly onto the surface.
  6. Avoid touching adhesive nor reposition treads during installation.
  7. Avoid using the newly installed treads before 12 hours.

How to remove Adhesive treads?

To Remove Treads, 

  1. Using finger nails free one edge, then peel the tread gradually away from the surface. 
  2. If any adhesive remains to remove the residue just spray stain remover to soak and after 15 minutes wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Be conscious before using the tub or any surface that was cleaned, make sure the adhesive removal solution is completely cleaned and can use any non-silicon-constructed cleaning solution for better results.


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